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Fifth Generation.

  • 25. Harriet McGraw
  • +John Alfred Amison.
  • children:
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living

The Photo shows Number 119 Anchor road, Longton where William and Ada Pearce lived.
The Photo shows Number 8 Goldenhill Road Fenton where James McGraw spent most of his childhhood and most of his Married life.
photo Mary Ann McGraw- George Degg lived at Peel street Dresden for a number of years.
photo Mary Ann McGraw- George Degg spent their later years living in 168 botteslow street Hanley.
Photo Harriet Amison (McGraw) and John lived at 19 Grosvenor Street, Longton for approximately 20 years until Harriet died in 1979.
photo Martha (McGraw)Martha (Maggie) was born on the 17th Jan 1898 at 38 Foley Road, Fenton.
Photo St. Bartholomew's, Church Road, Blurton.

Family members married here=
John W McGraw- Nancy Branford in 1939.
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Photo Fenton Parish Church (Christ Church), Fenton.

Family members married here=
Reuben W McGraw- Ethel Barker in 1912.
Ellen McGraw-Harold Carnell in 1923.
Ethel McGraw-Jonathan Fisher in1939.
Harriet McGraw- John A Amison in 1939.
Reuben McGraw-Annie Theodore in 1939.
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