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First Generation.

Second Generation.

Third Generation.

Fourth Generation.

Fifth Generation.

  • 25. Harriet McGraw
  • +John Alfred Amison.
  • children:
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living
  • • 26. Living

The next few pages contain a few of the photos from the website.
Photo On the right of the photo is my mother, im the boy at the front holding the cone, the others are as far as i know people we met in the hotel.(approx 1948 Blackpool)
Photo Left -Right=
Ellen Mcgaw, Louie McGraw, Francis McGraw, Margaret Carnell.(approx 1948 Blackpool)
Photo Left-Right=
Me, My Mother (Harriet Amison nee McGraw) plus 3 Unknown.(approx 1948 Blackpool)
Photo Left-Right=
Me, Ellen McGraw, and my sister.(approx 1953 Fenton park)
Photo Left-Right=
Unknown, Elizabeth McGraw, Unknown. (year unknown)
Photo Left-Right=
Unknown, Unknown, Elizabeth McGraw, Leornard Day.(year unknown)
Photo Left-Right=
Emmie McGraw, James McGraw, Elizabeth McGraw.
(approx 1940)
Photo Left-Right=
John Amison (Grandad),Hannah (Nancy) McGraw.
(year unknown)
Photo Back row, Left-Right=
William Pearce, James McGraw, Pemelia Shenton,
Harriot McGraw, Thomas McGraw.
Front row, Left-Right=
Unknown, Olwyn Carnell
(approx 1936 St Marks Church, Shelton.)