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  • 25. Harriet McGraw
  • +John Alfred Amison.
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Thomas John Branford- Mary Jane Cooper/Emily Jane Wilson
Mary holding baby May Thomas born in 1891 WORCESTER Worcestershire, died 21 DEC 1958 North Stafford Royal Infirmary (Hartshill) married Mary Jane Cooper 1914 Normacot, Mary was born 15 JAN 1887 STOKE-ON-TRENT Staffordshire, died 1941 Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Second Marriage- Emily Jane Wilson in 1957 civil marriage in Stafford, Emily was born 23rd Feb 1900 and died 23 Dec 1981.

Photo on the left of Mary Branford (nee Cooper) holding May Branford taken around 1924.

England & Wales, National Probate about Mary Jane Branford---
BRANFORD Mary Jane of 72 Poplar drive Blurton Stoke On Trent (wife of Thomas John Branford) died 25th July 1941. Administration Llandudno 12 November to the said Thomas John Branford General Labourer. Effects £375 15s.
Thomas and Mary had the following children:
Nancy Branford Nancy Branford Born 17 Dec 1917 STOKE-ON-TRENT Staffordshire, died May 2000 Staffordshire.
No Photo • Winnie Branford Born 24 SEP 1918 STOKE-ON-TRENT Staffordshire, died 23 NOV 1982.
No Photo Arthur Branford Born 12 JUL 1921 STOKE-ON-TRENT Staffordshire, died 13 DEC 2008.
No Photo May Branford Born 20 APR 1924 STOKE-ON-TRENT Staffordshire.
Photo Photo of Arthur, Nancy, Winnie and May taken around 1930.